My 2 months old baby had a cough, I took her to to the hospital where I delivered her and injections were given to her on her laps and buttocks. The one on her laps formed an abscess and later burst, she can no longer stand on those legs. I took her to another hospital and they recommended I start giving her calcium and cord liver oil and be massaging the leg with Reparil-Gel. She is five months now but no change, please what do I do
@jojojo, some doctors and hospitals don't know what they are doing God help us
It is not advisable to give babies or young children injections on the buttocks.
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What your child is experiencing is called traumatic neuritis..... It could be the injection damage the nerve or she could have polio. Kindly take her to see a Paediatrician preferably a Paediatric Neurologist and Physiotherapist for further evaluation and management