My son is 7 months plus 3weeks now. He eats a lot like 4-5 times a day(His food is pap mixed with crayfish and milk- "Aptamil"). I want to know if it is okay and also is the milk good for him?
As per number of feeds, Continue frequent, on-demand breastfeeding, including night feeding for infants. Introduce complementary foods beginning at six months of age
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Gradually increase food consistency and variety as the child ages, adapting the diet to the infant’s requirements and abilities. • Feed mashed and semi-solid foods, softened with breastmilk, if possible, beginning at 6 months of age. • Feed energy-dense combinations of soft foods to 6–11 month olds. • Introduce “finger foods” (snacks that can be eaten by children alone) beginning around 8 months of age. • Make the transition to the family diet at about 12 months of age.
Dr Aina Johnson


As regards the milk any age appropriate milk or formula of your choice is fine.Also offer other form of complementary foods and not just pap.