My SS Son does not sleep. I gave him Ciklavit and Piriton
Avoid stress and treat infections and malaria promptly.... Know what to do during crisis It is important that the child attends the regular Sickle Cell Clinic as there are other part of routine management that only the doctors can do . Best wishes.
Also, routine drugs like Folic acid, Malaria prophylaxis drugs like Paludrine and multivitamins should be taken religiously every day. Child should be encouraged to take plenty of fluids and be immunized fully especially with the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine PCV13
Dr Aina Johnson


so sorry for the sleepless night your son is experiencing. However this should not happen unless he is in pains. You need to take him to the hospital. Children with Sickle cell anaemia should be registered at a local sickle cell clinic where their health can be monitored by Paediatricians