Not sure if am pregnant Good morning, my last month mensturation came a little bit late am supposed to see my period from 20th to 22nd but didn’t see any sign of it not until 24th. I saw blood and decided to use a pad but unfortunately the blood stopped what I saw was a discharge that is slippery with a light blood till the next day that doesn’t require using a pad but on the third day I saw heavy blood gushing out like that of an heavy flow of period till the fifth day. I did a blood pregnancy test which was negative in the 5th day but always having the symptoms of pregnancy.
I will advise you to do a blood pregnancy test in 7- 14 days to be sure. From your description, you spotted for 2 days before your period flow. If it was pregnancy, the light blood would have probably stopped in 2 days Maximum. I would have argued it was implantation Bleeding. Read more about implantation bleeding online.