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Name Meaning Origin Share
  A'isha living, prosperous Hausa
  Aanuoluwapo God’s mercy is surplus Yoruba
  Aarin Central Yoruba
  Aarinade In the centre of the crown Yoruba
  Aarinola The centre of wealth Yoruba
  Abadi-ingobo Riches from overseas Ijaw
  Abaeze Branch of the kings Igbo
  Abahi Enjoyment Idoma
  Abalagha I am not worried Ijaw
  Abalaka As we said/agreed. Igala
  Abarasi-Tamunopiri I leave all for God Ijaw
  Abarshi Child who was born after his successors are dying Hausa
  Abarta A female child that was born after her siblings had all died Hausa
  Abasi-Ifreke God Never Forget Efik
  Abasiakamauwemowo My Life is in God's guard Efik
  Abasiama God love Efik
  Abasiodiong Godbless Efik
  Abayomi The enemy would have gloated over me Yoruba
  Abbey Fine boy Ijaw
  AbdulSeyi Soulmate of Qudusoluwa Arabic
  Abebi we asked for a child/ begged for a child Yoruba
  Abedi Worshipper Swahili
  Abegbe we asked for a child to lift up the child Yoruba
  Abejide One born during the rainy season Yoruba
  Abeke We beg for her to caress her Yoruba
  Abeo I bring joy Yoruba
  Aberebiegha I do not want trouble Ijaw
  Aberemangigha I face my problems or I do not run away from problems Ijaw
  Abiddekari Ask them before you say anything Ijaw
  Abidemi Born before the father's arrival Yoruba
  Abidoye Born in anticipation of a chieftaincy title Yoruba
  Abike Give birth to the child and care for the child Yoruba
  Abimaje A name for a child that is under probability to survive. Igala
  Abimbola One born into wealth Yoruba
  Abinla Princess Ijaw
  Abiodun One born at the time of festival Yoruba
  Abiola One born into wealth Yoruba
  Abiona Born during a way or journey Yoruba
  Abiose Born into the first day of the week (Sunday) Yoruba
  Abioye Born into status/title Yoruba
  Abiria Passenger Swahili
  Abisogun Born during a war Yoruba
  Abisola One born into wealth Yoruba
  Abisoye Born into status/title Yoruba
  Abisuga one born into the palace Yoruba
  Abiye What I want or need or My desire Ijaw
  Abodunrin One who walks with the festive season or holiday Yoruba
  Aboh War Lord Idoma
  Abosede Born into a new week Yoruba
  Abosimagha My coming was not wrong Ijaw
  Aboyowa Child that brought joy Itsekiri
  Abugewa Came with merriment Itsekiri
  Abumenre Come to me Esan
  Abumhenre Come to me Esan
  Abutu Descendant of Utuoja Idoma
  Achagba child is the bond between spouses Igala
  Ache Name for female child born after his father's death Igala
  Achebe One who is protected by the Goddess Igbo
  Achegbulu one always does things by force. Igala
  Achemu Lamb producer Igala
  Acheneje A Cheater. Igala
  Achenyo Good did. Igala
  Achieni Unexpected Idoma
  Achimi My cover Igala
  Achimi My cover. Igala
  Achimugwu with accordance to inheritance. Igala
  Achojah Rise up to a challenge Urhobo
  Achonu King maker. Igala
  Adaebo Father is shield Idoma
  Adaego Daughter of wealth Igbo
  Adaego Daughter of wealth Igbo
  Adaere Father's name Ijaw
  Adaeze Princess, daughter of the king. Igbo
  Adaeze Daughter of a King/Princess Igbo
  Adagogo Grand father's resemblance Ijaw
  Adah Father of nations Idoma
  Adaiba The people's daughter/ Daughter of the people Igbo
  Adaji Spoil and no longer act. Igala
  Adaji River blocker, for catching fish. Igala
  Adaji Stream clearer. Igala
  Adakole Father of the house Idoma
  Adaku A girl born into wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family. Igbo
  Adaku Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family Igbo
  Adam My Father Idoma
  Adama Father's favourite Idoma
  Adango Father's wealth Ijaw
  Adanna Father's daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl Igbo
  Adanna Her father’s daughter Igbo
  Adannaya Her father's daughter Igbo
  Adanne Her mother’s daughter Igbo
  Adaobi The first daughter in the family compound. Igbo
  Adaobi First daughter in the family compound (obi) Igbo
  Adaobu A child born after the death of the father Ijaw
  Adaolisa God's daughter. Igbo
  Adaolisa God’s daughter Igbo
  Adaora The people’s daughter Igbo
  Adaramola One who compliments wealth with beauty Yoruba
  Adaugo Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle. Igbo
  Adaugo Beautiful daughter/Daughter of an eagle Igbo
  Adauke Daughter of Uke (town in Anambra State) Igbo
  Adaure Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State. Yoruba
  Adaure Daughter of Uruala (town in Imo State) / A beautiful daughter/ A daughter of pride/ A daughter born with joy Igbo
  Adawari Grand father's house Ijaw
  Addana The younger sister of a girl Igbo
  Ade Crown or Royalty Yoruba
  Adea A kind gift from the God Swahili
  Adebajo The crown returns from a trip Yoruba
  Adebambo The crown returns with me Yoruba
  Adebamgbe Royalty dwells within me Yoruba
  Adebanjo The crown befits me Yoruba
  Adebanke The crown pampers me Yoruba
  Adebankole The Royalty built me a house Yoruba
  Adebayo Royalty meets joy Yoruba
  Adebimpe The crown gave birthed to me completely Yoruba
  Adebisi The crown has given birth to more Yoruba
  Adebiyi The crown gave birth to this one Yoruba
  Adebo Chief priest of a shrine. Igala
  Adebola The crown meets with wealth Yoruba
  Adeboro The crown meets wealth Yoruba
  Adebowale The crown returned home Yoruba
  Adeboye The crown meets honour Yoruba
  Adeboyejo Royalty befits the title Yoruba
  Adebukola Royalty added to wealth Yoruba
  Adebusoye The crown adds to the status Yoruba
  Adedamola Royalty mixed with wealth Yoruba
  Adedapo Associated with Royalties Yoruba
  Adedaramola The crown complements wealth Yoruba
  Adedayo The crown has turned to joy Yoruba
  Adedayo The crown becomes joy Yoruba
  Adedeji The crown has become two Yoruba
  Adediji The crown has become a refuge Yoruba
  Adediran The crown becomes hereditary Yoruba
  Adedoja The crown has become a market Yoruba
  Adedokun The crown is as wide/prestigious as the sea Yoruba
  Adedolapo The crown unites wealth Yoruba
  Adedotun The crown has become new Yoruba
  Adedoyin The crown has become honey Yoruba
  Adefemi The crown loves me Yoruba
  Adefolake The crown pampers with wealth Yoruba
  Adefolarin The crown walks with wealth Yoruba
  Adefoluke The crown pampers with God Yoruba
  Adefoyeke The crown pampers with the title Yoruba
  Adegbe Farmer never lack food Igala
  Adegbenga The crown elevates/uplifts Yoruba
  Adegbenro The crown uplifts me Yoruba
  Adegbola The crown carries wealth Yoruba
  Adegboyega The crown has elevated the title Yoruba
  Adegoke The crown ascends Yoruba
  Adegoroye The crown ascends to a throne Yoruba
  Adegunte The crown has ascended the throne Yoruba
  Adeiye The crown of salvation Yoruba
  Adejare The crown has overcome Yoruba
  Adejo - We are all together. Igala
  Adejobi The crown gives birth to us together Yoruba
  Adejoke The crown will pamper us together Yoruba
  Adejoro The crown enjoys wealth Yoruba
  Adejumo The crown unites Yoruba
  Adejumobi The crown unites to give birth Yoruba
  Adejumoke The crown unites to pamper Yoruba
  Adejuwon The crown is greater than them Yoruba
  Adekanmi I am entitled to the crown Yoruba
  Adekemi The crown pampers me Yoruba
  Adekilekun The crown makes the house full Yoruba
  Adekitan The crown does not finish/end Yoruba
  Adekola The crown collects wealth Yoruba
  Adekoyejo The crown brings together titles Yoruba
  Adekunle Crowns fill the house Yoruba
  Adelabi We gave birth to a crown Yoruba
  Adelana The crown opens the way Yoruba
  Adelani The crown is what we have. Yoruba
  Adelanwa The crown is what we're looking for Yoruba
  Adeleke The crown triumphs Yoruba
  Adelodun The crown owns the festival Yoruba
  Adelowo The crown has prestige Yoruba
  Adeloye The crown has honour Yoruba
  Ademola The crown has been added to wealth Yoruba
  Ademolu The crown has taken the lead Yoruba
  Adenbofa There is no one greater than her Ijaw
  Adeniji The crown has protection Yoruba
  Adenike The crown has care Yoruba
  Adeniran The crown has history/lineage Yoruba
  Adeniyi The crown has prestige/dignity Yoruba
  Adenola The crown has wealth Yoruba
  Adenrele The crown is heading home Yoruba
  Adenuga The crown has a foundation Yoruba
  Adeoba The king's crown Yoruba
  Adeola Crown of Wealth Yoruba
  Adeolu The crown of God Yoruba
  Adeoti The crown does not fade Yoruba
  Adeoye A crown of title Yoruba
  Adepeju The crown is full of honor Yoruba
  Adepero The crown pacifies Yoruba
  Adepitan The crown tells a story Yoruba
  Adepoju There are many crowns Yoruba
  Aderemilekun The crown has dried my tears Yoruba
  Aderinsola The crown walks into wealth Yoruba
  Aderiyike The crown has found one to pamper Yoruba
  Aderoju The crown has succor Yoruba
  Aderonke The crown has something to pamper Yoruba
  Aderopo The crown replaces Yoruba
  Adesanmi The crown is profitable Yoruba
  Adese Centre(given to a female born after the succession of a male born) Esan
  Adesewa The crown bring forth beauty Yoruba
  Adesile The crown bring forth new house Yoruba
  Adesimbo Nobel birth Yoruba
  Adesina The crown has opened the way Yoruba
  Adesoji The crown is revived Yoruba
  Adesokan The crown is one Yoruba
  Adesola The crown maketh wealth Yoruba
  Adesoro The crown makes wealth Yoruba
  Adesoye The crown watches over the title Yoruba
  Adesupo The crown aggregates Yoruba
  Adetola The crown is worthy of wealth Yoruba
  Adetoluwa The crown belongs to God Yoruba
  Adetona The crown shows direction Yoruba
  Adetoro Royalty is peaceful Yoruba
  Adetoun The crown is worth the strife Yoruba
  Adetoyebi The crown is big enough to recreate titles Yoruba
  Adetoyese The crown has beautified the title Yoruba
  Adetunji The crown is woken again Yoruba
  Adetutu The crown is calm/soothing Yoruba
  Adewale The crown has come home Yoruba
  Adewetan The crown has being bath Yoruba
  Adewonuola The crown has entered into wealth Yoruba
  Adewunmi I am desirous of the crown Yoruba
  Adeyanju The crown passes Yoruba
  Adeyato The crown is unique Yoruba
  Adeyemi The crown befits me Yoruba
  Adeyemo The crown befits a child Yoruba
  Adeyeye The crown befits its titles Yoruba
  Adeyiga The crown surrounds this place Yoruba
  Adeyinka The crown surrounds me Yoruba
  Adhra Apology Swahili
  Adia A gift, or a gift from the God Swahili
  Adiaba First female child Efik
  Adiah God's gift or God's ornaments Swahili
  Adiaha First daughter Efik
  Adibobouigbe/ Head turner or Whoever takes a look at her hits the bush Ijaw
  Adigun It means the perfectionist. Yoruba
  Adil Just and honest Arabic
  Adila Just and honest Arabic
  Adimchimkpa I am important to my God Igbo
  Adimchinobi I am in God's heart Igbo
  Adimu Rare and unique Swahili
  Adio be righteous Yoruba
  Adisa make this meaning clear Yoruba
  Adonye My wish Ijaw
  Adubi A child that we beg to carry Yoruba
  Aduke Daughter of Uke (town in Anambra State) Igbo
  Adukwu A child born without hope of survival but later survived all odds. Igala
  Adunade The sweetness of the crown Yoruba
  Adunbi One who is sweet to give birth Yoruba
  Aduni Means a joy to have or one we struggled to have Yoruba
  Adunke One who is sweet to pamper Yoruba
  Adunni One who is sweet to have Yoruba
  Adura Prayer Yoruba
  Aduramigba My prayer has been answered Yoruba
  Adure Daughter of Uruala (town in Imo State) / A beautiful daughter/ A daughter of pride/ A daughter born with joy Igbo
  Afamefuna My name will not be lost Igbo
  Afamefuna My name will not be lost. Igbo
  Afiah Fourth born son Efik
  Afini The fire of God Ijaw
  Afiya Health Swahili
  Afolabi One born with wealth Yoruba
  Afolami One who breathes with wealth Yoruba
  Afolarin One who walks with wealth Yoruba
  Afolorunso One kept under God’s protection Yoruba
  Afunwaelotanna Father's resemblance Igbo
  Agaba Lion Idoma
  Agada Brother or sister of twins Hausa
  Agake-ere A woman's character makes her a wife Ijaw
  Agbarha Born in Agbarha Urhobo
  Agbarha Born in Agbarha Urhobo
  Agbenu Treasure/ A Child is wealth Idoma
  Agbenu Wealth or Riches Idoma
  Agbo Property Idoma
  Agboghoroma You can’t buy child with money Itsekiri
  Agboola The stage/platform of wealth Yoruba
  Agefu Sees heart. Igala
  Agude means a strong person. Igala
  Agunoyie Heavenly Ijaw
  Agwu Giant Idoma
  Ahadi Promising, With much promise Swahili
  Ahiaba Said no to depression, always fighting to succeed. Igala
  Ahunna One with the body of her father. Igbo
  Ahunna Body of her father Igbo
  Ahwinahwi A very dark person Urhobo
  Ahwinahwi A very dark person Urhobo
  Aibinuola One who is not antagonistic of wealth Yoruba
  Aigbojie You don't have fight the king Esan
  Airelobhegbe Think if it were you Esan
  Aisekegbe We don't know what the other person has inside them Esan
  Aisha life Swahili
  Aituajemen Don't laugh at me in hurry Esan
  Aiwanfoh No one is completely wise Esan
  Aiysha Powerful and complete Swahili
  Aizehinomo You don't think for a child Esan
  Ajabu Astonishing Swahili
  Ajagbe Yoruba Oriki name meaning fought to carry this child. Yoruba
  Ajala It means the one who has fought and survived Yoruba
  Ajali Chance Swahili
  Ajanaku Elephant or a great one Yoruba
  Ajani meaning a child we fought for to have Yoruba
  Ajanigo Market has look. Igala
  Ajao Praise name Yoruba
  Aje A child born on monday Yoruba
  Ajeh Land Idoma
  Ajemigbitse Give me the blessing Itsekiri
  Ajibade One who wakes into royalty Yoruba
  Ajibike We woke up to take care of this one Yoruba
  Ajibola One who wakes up to meet wealth Yoruba
  Ajifa Silver. Igala
  Ajigwu Forcefully. Igala
  Ajike means someone that wakes up to petting and pampering Yoruba
  Ajirola One who wakes to the sight of wealth Yoruba
  Ajogwu means warrior Igala
  Ajoke To be taken care of by all Yoruba
  Ajubonyanagha I have none other than God Ijaw
  Ajuma Female child born on Friday Igala
  Ajuremisan Light my stars shine Itsekiri
  Akachi The hand of God Igbo
  Akachukwu The hand of God. Igbo
  Akaderi Laughter is not love Ijaw
  Akahomen They are listening to me Esan
  Akahomhen They are listening to me Esan
  Akakaneno The Ultimate gift Efik
  Akamnachi I am greater in God Igbo
  Akanbi It means one that is consciously or deliberately born. Yoruba
  Akande meaning favorite of the prince Yoruba
  Akangbe It means one consciously or deliberately carried. Yoruba
  Akanji one whose touch gives life Yoruba
  Akanke one who is especially cherished or pampered Yoruba
  Akanmu meaning personally chosen Yoruba
  Akanni Met only once to have this child Yoruba
  Akaolisa The hand of God Igbo
  Ake To receive Ijaw
  Akede Received Ijaw
  Akeju Over pampered Yoruba
  Akhator I will last long Esan
  Akida Chief, Officer; one who is determined and diplomatic Swahili
  Akin Warrior/Valor Yoruba
  Akina Solidarity, bond, family bond Swahili
  Akinbiyi A warrior gave birth to this one Yoruba
  Akinbode A warrior has arrived Yoruba
  Akinbola Valor meets with wealth Yoruba
  Akindele The warrior has come home Yoruba
  Akinkunmi Courage fills me Yoruba
  Akinlabi We gave birth to a warrior Yoruba
  Akinleye Valor has glory Yoruba
  Akinlolu The Lord is Valor Yoruba
  Akinloye Valor is a title Yoruba
  Akinmade The warrior takes the crown Yoruba
  Akinniyi Valor has dignity Yoruba
  Akinola Valor of wealth Yoruba
  Akinpelu The warrior was one of them Yoruba
  Akinrinnola The warrior walks in wealth Yoruba
  Akinsanmi Valor profits me Yoruba
  Akintayo Valor is the worth of Joy Yoruba
  Akintola Valor is the worth of wealth Yoruba
  Akintoye Valor is the worth of title Yoruba
  Akintunde The warrior has come again Yoruba
  Akinwunmi I admire Warriors Yoruba
  Akinyele Valor befits a home Yoruba
  Akinyemi Valor befits me Yoruba
  Akoche Mine Idoma
  Akoche Mine Idoma
  Akogwu War Hero Idoma
  Akoji Representative, always given to a child born after father's death. Igala
  Akoji Representative, always given to a child born after father's death. Igala
  Akoji Representative, always given to a child born after father's death. Igala
  Akoji Representative, always given to a child born after father's death. Igala
  Akoji Representative, always given to a child born after father's death. Igala
  Akoji Representative, always given to a child born after father's death. Igala
  Akokari Fruitful Ijaw
  Akor War Leader Idoma
  Akotukum My heart desire Idoma
  Akowe Writer-clerck Igala
  Akpan First male son Efik
  Akpayi This man. Igala
  Akpenvwoghene Praise God Urhobo
  Akpenvwoghene Praise God Urhobo
  Akpenvwoghene Praise God Urhobo
  Akpo-otupeikumo Do not listen to the people of the world Ijaw
  Akpobume My own life Urhobo
  Akpobume My own life Urhobo
  Akpodigha Live life carefully Ijaw
  Akpoebi Life is good Ijaw
  Akpofemowei A man who will enjoy life Ijaw
  Akpofure Life is now peaceful Urhobo
  Akpofure Life is now peaceful Urhobo
  Akporvwovwo Good life in later years Urhobo
  Akporvwovwo Good life in later years Urhobo
  Akporvwovwo Good life in later years Urhobo
  Akpotutari May the people of the world love me Ijaw
  Akuabata Wealth has come in Igbo
  Akuabata Wealth has come in Igbo
  Akuada A girl born into a wealthy family. Igbo
  Akuada Daughter born into wealth/ to bring wealth to the family Igbo
  Akuchinyere Wealth sent from God Igbo
  Akugbeahu United we stand Esan
  Akum Mine Igbo
  Akum Mine Idoma
  Akumoere The only woman amongst women Ijaw
  Akunna Father's wealth. Igbo
  Akuomasinachi Good wealth comes from God Igbo
  Akwaugo Precious daughter Igbo
  Akwu To spread everywhere. Igala
  Alaba The second child born after a set of twins Yoruba
  Alabi It means one born to the white cloth (of Obatala). Yoruba
  Alade The crowned one Yoruba
  Aladi New beginnings Idoma
  Alaere Queen or A woman of substance Ijaw
  Alagbe It means the one who survived to be carried Yoruba
  Alake One who circumstance had to be overcome to take of Yoruba
  Alakere Royalty makes a woman Ijaw
  Alali Happiness Ijaw
  Alali Festival Ijaw
  Alama Symbol Swahili
  Alamieyeseigha Whatever the king does is right Ijaw
  Alarape The one with family is complete Yoruba
  Alasiri afternoon prayers Swahili
  Alawei Chief Ijaw
  Alayingi Royal mother Ijaw
  Alayo One who is full of Joy Yoruba
  Alechenu Unexpected Idoma
  Alero Female firstborn Itsekiri
  Alewo Community Voice Igala
  Alfajiri dawn Swahili
  Alifeli Goodluck Igala
  Alika Walk about, always given to a child that the mother has suffered sickness while pregnant and look for cure everywhere. Igala
  Aliya high, lofty, sublime; ascent; noble, Arabic
  Almasi Diamond Arabic
  Amabara Right hand Ijaw
  Amabipi The voice of the people Ijaw
  Amade - Take proper care and maintain rules and orders. Igala
  Amade - Take proper care and maintain rules and orders. Igala
  Amadi Free man Igbo
  Amaechi Who knows tomorrow? Igbo
  Amaeka The love of a mother Efik
  Amafini-ere A woman who opens up the glory of a town/ community Ijaw
  Amahle The beautiful ones. Zulu
  Amaibi The good of the land Ijaw
  Amaitara The town loves me Ijaw
  Amaka Beautiful/good Igbo
  Amakedi Look upon the town Ijaw
  Amana A warrior at heart who is faithful and loyal Swahili
  Amandi Trust no one, one who doesn't trust anyone easily. Igbo
  Amandianaze Trust no one Igbo
  Amara Mercy/Mercy of God Igbo
  Amarachi Mercy/Mercy of God Igbo
  Amarachukwu Mercy/Mercy of God Igbo
  Amaso The God of the land Ijaw
  Amaziah The one who has the strength of God, is unusual and extraordinary Swahili
  Ameh Everything comes to an end Idoma
  Ameh Wisdom Igala
  Amejuma Nobody knows tomorrow Itsekiri
  Amenamuon My time does not pass Esan
  Amiesimanyeofori Innocent or I have done nothing wrong Ijaw
  Aminah safe, secure, protected Hausa
  Aminoma You don’t know the taught of a child Itsekiri
  Amira prince, ruler, emir, commander Arabic
  Amne Safe; Secure Swahili
  Amobi Who knows the heart of man? Igbo
  Amoke one who in order to care for Yoruba
  Amope One whose knowledge is complete Yoruba
  Amorighoye We don’t know who will wear the crown Itsekiri
  Anaborhi Born with good destiny Urhobo
  Anaborhi Born with good destiny Urhobo
  Anaborhi Born with good destiny Urhobo
  Anaja A distinguished personality. Igala
  Anaruwa A child who was born when it was raining heavily in the community Hausa
  Andile They have extended, the family is growing. Zulu
  Andino God the giver. Efik
  andiyene ama the owners love Efik
  Aneesa beautiful; pure, chaste; hunger Swahili
  Aneh Precious Idoma
  Aneju Expected, always given to a female child that the parents expected to be a male. Igala
  Anele The last born. Zulu
  Anene Ground own it. Igala
  Anetorufa Excellent Ijaw
  Anga sky; messenger of God, angel Swahili
  Angaza look at Swahili
  Ango A child who was born during a marriage ceremony in the household or family Hausa
  Aniamaowo Who likes you Efik
  Aniebietabasi Who resemble God? Efik
  Aniekanabasi Who is greater than God Efik
  Anietie Who could you compare (to God)? Efik
  Aninoritse God’s compassion Itsekiri
  Anirejuoritse You can’t be wiser than God Itsekiri
  Anitorufa None like her Ijaw
  Anjolaoluwa We are enjoying the wealth of God Yoruba
  Anju My life Ijaw
  Anoko Wealthy person Igala
  Anone One who has people Igala
  Anone One who has people Igala
  Anone One who has people Igala
  Anozie We are now settled or well positioned. Igbo
  Anwa-nwa Third daughter Efik
  Anwangabasi God understand best Efik
  Anwuli Joy, a joyous and happy girl. Igbo
  Anwuli Joy Igbo
  Anwulichukwu Joy of the lord. Igbo
  Anwulichukwu Joy of the lord Igbo
  Anwulika My joy is great or joy is greater. Igbo
  Anwulika My joy is great/Joy is greater Igbo
  Anyaole Women make a home Idoma
  Anyebe Victory Idoma
  Apamor Volunteer Ijaw
  Aparabiegha I shall not seek revenge Ijaw
  Apawaribim I come from a good home Ijaw
  Apeh Protector Idoma
  Apeke called or born to be cared for or pampered Yoruba
  Apochi Strength Idoma
  Apunanwu A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun. Igbo
  Apunanwu Precious girl/ beautiful girl/ not to be tainted by the sun Igbo
  Aquabasi GREAT GOD Efik
  Ara Family or “to be a part of” Yoruba
  Arafa well educated Swahili
  Aralola Family (relations) is wealth Yoruba
  Aramide My family has come Yoruba
  Araoye A part of the title Yoruba
  Archibong Kings Father, Kings Friend Efik
  Aremu A name given to the first male child Yoruba
  Arenyeka You can’t walk the universe Itsekiri
  Ariegbeomah This child is unique Itsekiri
  Arike someone that is mean to be cared for or pampered on sight Yoruba
  Arinzechukwu Thanks be to God. Igbo
  Ariyo One who is joy to behold Yoruba
  Aruegodore We have established Urhobo
  Arueyingho Think about the future Itsekiri
  Arusi The sun Swahili
  Aruwa Remembrance Igala
  Arzika A child whose mother undergoes severe child labor before he was eventually given to birth Hausa
  Asabi One selected for birth Yoruba
  Asafa One who is son of a chief and a Persian officer Swahili
  Asali Honey Swahili
  Asani Rebellious Swahili
  Asanis Rebel; a clear and modest person Swahili
  Asaroyoma Comfort zones Urhobo
  Ashake A daughter picked or selected to be cherish and pampered Yoruba
  Ashura Friend or the one who accompanies. Swahili
  Asikooluwaloju The Timing of God is best Yoruba
  Asili Ancestor Swahili
  Asitogha I have no evil intentions Ijaw
  Asma'u loftier, more eminent Hausa
  Asuelinmen My name be mentioned(given to a male child after waiting so long for one) Esan
  Asuelinmhen My name be mentioned(given to a male child after waiting so long for one) Esan
  Ataikiru Plan before taing action Urhobo
  Ataikiru Plan before taking action Urhobo
  Atanda One created to shine bright Yoruba
  Ateso You say some, you leave some Esan
  Atigbioritse Remember the Lord Itsekiri
  Atikah clear, pure Hausa
  Atili Precious Ijaw
  Atinuke A person who has been pampered from conception Yoruba
  Atoni Riches Ijaw
  Atonye God's plan Ijaw
  Atsegbaghan Give them assistance Itsekiri
  Atulukwu the seed that reproduce never dies. Igala
  Atunke A child that would be continually taken care of Yoruba
  Auni Help; Assist Swahili
  Auta Last born in a family Hausa
  Avwunudioga Those who profess strength with mere thought Urhobo
  Avwunudiogba Those who profess strength with mere talk Urhobo
  Avwunudiogba Those who profess strength with mere talk Urhobo
  Avwunufe Wealthy only by mouth, not substance Urhobo
  Avwunufe Wealthy only by mouth, not substance Urhobo
  Avwunufe Wealthy only by mouth, not substance Urhobo
  Aweni A child to be bathed and possessed Yoruba
  Awero One that is bathed and covered in wrapper Yoruba
  Ayakpo New life Ijaw
  Ayamma Will you love me? Efik
  Ayan Drums/drumming Yoruba
  Ayanbadejo Drumming complements the crown well Yoruba
  Ayanda They augment (the family). Zulu
  Ayandele The drummer has come home Yoruba
  Ayanti Will you remember me? Efik
  Ayantola Drumming is the worth of wealth Yoruba
  Ayantuge Drumming is the worth of the palace Yoruba
  Ayanyinka Drumming surrounds me Yoruba
  Ayawari New house Ijaw
  Ayebabomote God's praise Ijaw
  Ayebadeinyefa Nothing is greater than God Ijaw
  Ayebaemomoemi God is with me Ijaw
  Ayebaeninidetei God has shown mercy Ijaw
  Ayebaidobamo God has made me great Ijaw
  Ayebainakarimanate God has answered my prayers Ijaw
  Ayebaseighe God is not bad Ijaw
  Ayebatari God's love Ijaw
  Ayebatonbra God's plan Ijaw
  Ayebawomoemi God is with us Ijaw
  Ayemotse I have done act of kindness Itsekiri
  Ayetamaranbrakemi Life is in God's hands Ijaw
  Ayibaebi God's goodness Ijaw
  Ayibaefie God's time Ijaw
  Ayibaemi The goodness of God Ijaw
  Ayibanengiyefa Nothing is greater than God Ijaw
  Ayibaseinghe God is awake Ijaw
  Ayibatonye idumobie mie Let the will of God be done in my life Ijaw
  Ayinde one who arrives when praised Yoruba
  Ayinke meant to praised and pet Yoruba
  Ayinla A child meant to be praised, feted, and disciplined. Yoruba
  Ayirioritse You should praise the lord Itsekiri
  Ayize Let it happen/come Zulu
  Ayo Joy Yoruba
  Ayoade The joy of the crown Yoruba
  Ayobade Joy meets with the crown Yoruba
  Ayobami Joy meets with me Yoruba
  Ayodabo Joy is back Yoruba
  Ayode Joy arrives Yoruba
  Ayodeji Joy has doubled Yoruba
  Ayodele Joy has come home Yoruba
  Ayodiran Joy becomes hereditary Yoruba
  Ayoka One who causes joy Yoruba
  Ayoku Joy remains Yoruba
  Ayokunle Joy fills the house Yoruba
  Ayokunnumitetete I'm filled with Joy completely Yoruba
  Ayomide My joy has come Yoruba
  Ayomitide My joy has come Yoruba
  Ayonuwe Today’s Blessing Itsekiri
  Ayoola The joy of wealth Yoruba
  Ayorinde Joy walks in Yoruba
  Ayorochukwu We prayed to God for this Igbo
  Ayotola Joy is the worth of wealth Yoruba
  Ayotomi Joy is enough for me Yoruba
  Ayotunde Joy has come again Yoruba
  Azizi Beloved; Precious One; Treasure; Valuable Swahili
  Azubuike Strength gained from experiences of the past. Igbo
  Azuka Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence Igbo
  Azuka Confidence/ Well experienced/ Confidence built from past experiences Igbo