Pls at what age should a child start using the restroom on his own instead of the normal pooh.thanks
Dr Aina Johnson


Look signs of readiness includes -- • Notices when diaper or clothing is wet or soiled. • Shows interest in self-care (e.g., dressing, hand-washing, toileting). • Shows interest in other’s toileting behaviour. • Completely empties bladder when voiding and stays dry about 2 hours at a time. • Has bowel movements that follow a regular and predictable pattern. • Is able to walk to and from the bathroom independently. • Has the balance to sit on toilet 2 – 5 minutes. • Follows a few simple directions (e.g., sit down). . indicates need to go to the bathroom through facial expressions, postures, gestures, pictures, or words. Don't be in a hurry to ditch the diaper...
How do you know my child is ready to begin toilet training? It depends on several factors, including your child’s age, awareness of toileting-related issues, physical readiness, and communication skills. Beginning toilet training too soon will make the process more frustrating for both you and your child
Potty training starts usually at 18 months .. Though you can start making him sit on the potty. There are things that show that a child is ready to be potty trained.... Most of these are rarely achieved before age 18 months
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