Nausea, weight gain and everything in between Hi docs,, currently 17 weeks pregnant and yet to have any relief from vomiting/nausea, i sometimes use bitter kola to help ease the feeling but im sometimes worried i might be harming my baby, any clarification will be appreciated. Also recently discovered lemon which has been helping, is that a better option compared to kola? Secondly, i have noticed an increase in discharge since i got pregnant, is this normal? As a result of nausea i sometimes struggle with drinking water, how can i up my water intake. Still on nausea, sometimes its difficult to take my routine drugs, and i have missed it a couple times, i get scared that i am harming my baby but it gets really hard to swallow pills at times. What can i do. I currently weigh 62kg and im 26 years old, how do i know if my weight is optimal considering im carrying a child. At my last antenatal visit, i didn't get to see a doctor and no ultrasounds were suggested, should i do one on my own or wait till im told to. Im anxious to know whats going on in there since i dont feel my baby move yet. Sorry its a lot of questions recently came across this site and i have a lot of questions. Thank you!!
Thanks doc! Currently in my second trimester so seriously hoping for some relief. Discharge does not smell, but it is more than before i was pregnant. How about weight, what would you say would be optimal weight, ive added 2kg in the last month. Then do you think i should do a scan or just wait till im told to. Thanks
Dr. Dara Abiodun

Medical Doctor

1) For Vomiting/Nausea, it's very typical in the first trimester but it reduces other time. Try to avoid food with too many seasonings and Vegetable oil. Try biscuits or tom-tom after meals. Food with fibres also helps. For discharge, does it smell, if it does, or it's getting too worrisome? You need to see a doctor asap