Hello mother's and Doctors in the house. I have a worry. We lost our first pregnancy in its 7th week. But God in his faithfulness has done it again. I believe this has come to stay. She was at the hospital because she was feeling very weak and exhausted in her 7th week of conception, she was tested and was told she has malaria. Treatment was administered and she was told to come back for scan. The doctor ask her few questions and they got to know that we lost the first pregnancy, and was told she need to be coming every week for injection in order to preserve the pregnancy. Please doctors in the house kindly enlighten me on this. Seriously I'm worried. Though I asked her the name of the injection but she said she couldn't recall because of her state.
At this point, your wife needs all your support. Both of you should book an appointment with the doctor to ask all necessary questions and most importantly find the best way to manage the pregnancy. I wish you both happy one
The doctor is in position to explain the result of the diagnosis to you and your wife. It's hard to speculate.