My Baby cries when pooing .My 1 month old baby struggles and makes faces and cries when ever he wants to poo or pollute what can I do. Went to the hospital was given nospamin but still has not changed
If you're on EBF, ensure you eat light/soft foods because it's what you eat that your baby takes from your breasts
You didn't state if your baby is on exclusive breastfeeding or not. If your baby is on EBF It's a normal phenomenon It is not Constipation. Just the baby "feeling" movement of gas and stool which they perceive as discomfort. It's not a problem and no need for any treatment or remedy. If your child is given formula, please ensure it is mixed in the right proportion of milk to water as instructed by the manufacturer. Do also give your baby water alongside formula feeds to prevent constipation. However, if the poo comes out hard, please see a paediatrician.