I'm tested positive of Hepatitis b when I was pregnant with my first daughter and which I was asked to go for antigen test. When d result came out I was told my baby doesn't need to be given d injection after birth that was in 2017 during my 2nd pregnancy last year I was tested positive again and was told that with or without the antigen test my babies (they are twin girls)will need to be immunised immediately after birth which we did immunised them after their birth my question now is this: 1.with that injection is given are my twin babies free from that virus completely. 2.my older baby that was not immunised at birth except the one taken at d clinic is she save too cos she wasn't given d injection has directed by d doctors attending to us at the Antenatal care then because of the antigen result. 3.How can I be treated of d virus completely. 4.can't my children contract it from me now that they are of the womb? Thanks in anticipation of ur quick response.
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Kindly take the babies for check up with a paediatrician letting the doctor know you are a carrier of Hepatitis B Virus, the children will be tested and you will be advised appropriately. You will have to get your own viral load, antigen and liver function test done so as to be able to be supported. Kindly prevent the children from exposure from your body fluids like blood, vomitus etc but can continue with breastfeeding.