My baby has been stooling since Sunday afternoon. I couldn't get ORS around so I used Garri water and Sprite(added a pinch of salt). This didn't work. He was given an injection to stop the throwing up at the hospital. I started ORS on Monday morning and still using it till this moment but the stooling has not stopped. He actually stools the food he eats verbatim. I mean undigested. I am getting worried already as this is the 4th day. He hardly sits or stands on his own due to weakness. Is this kind of stooling normal? What can I give him to eat? Should I stop breastfeeding as I learnt that milk contributes to diarrhoea?Please what can I do?
Your child is dehydrated.This is one of the times not to ask the Paediatrician. Kindly take him back to the hospital. PLEASE TREAT AS URGENT.