my boy of 9 months always scratch his private part whenever I remove his diaper whenever I try wearing him another he starts crying and struggling to pull it out he prefers staying without it and the one he wore to sleep last night he did not urinate on it till dis morning that I removed it before he now urinated. since this morning he had been without a diaper and he is okay pls doc should I be worried?
You should give water as well....alternatively take off the diaper and keep monitoring after feeds. Most babies will pass urine within 30 minutes of feeds or breastfeeding"
Allow the diaper area to be exposed to air at times when you are home...don't always cover with diaper. Let there be period off fresh air just blow the area. If you do this, most diaper rash will disappear
Change diaper frequently when wet...not only when there is a poo and also Apply diaper cream - vaseline, sudocream, shea butter, zinc oxide cream are fine...Not powder must be something that creates barrier between skin and urine....powder will be formed into paste by urine and further irritates the skin..
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