My daughter just had her immunisation at six weeks on Thursday the 23rd. I know that she was supposed to be injected on the left thigh and the right thigh twice but I noticed the nurse just injecting once on both sides. I meant why not two times but my nunu was crying a lot I even forgot to ask.the nurse gave her de drops in de mouth and she gave the other drops to give her but I did not know what the drops were for and I did not doctor I wanna ask if I have to go for another injection on the right thigh or not?? because I have noticed that at 10weeks and at 14 weeks she is still supposed to be injected twice on the right thigh and once on the left...thanks for de response while waiting...
Most cough and catarrh are usually due to a viral infection which will normally run their course with or without any form of treatment hence we discourage abuse of antibiotics in that regard". Keep breastfeeding exclusively
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For better explanation, OPV (prevention against polio) is the vaccine dropped in your baby's mouth while the Penta is the one given on the thigh. That's the first dose.
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It's good you are conversant with the immunizations given to your baby. Here are the vaccines: The NPI vaccines and their schedule are as follows: At birth......BCG, OPV, HBV 6 weeks.....Penta, OPV 10 weeks...Penta; OPV 14 weeks...Penta, OPV 9 months...Measles, yellow fever Vitamin A recommended every 6 months from age 6 months to 5years NB: Penta vaccine is Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, Hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type B (HiB) vaccines (5 in 1) in one shot (already pre-formulated).