My son of 7 weeks has breakage on his head. His front hair is a bit deep and when I gave birth to him they said he has line on his head. I was advised
Oka ori: If you are not from Nigeria, you may be lost from the title alone. The typical Naija Mum knows what I am talking about, especially if you are from the South-Western part of the country, specifically the Yoruba tribe. The other tribes have their own names for the same condition.

The Grannies and some mums believe that there is a “hole” or “space” which is “breathing” or pulsating in the head of the new baby which is abnormal. That this soft space is not right and should not be there. Any baby that has this “abnormal space or hole” is diagnosed with “Oka”.

The “soft hole or space” often erroneously believed to be an abnormality is A NORMAL PART of the baby’s head. It is called ANTERIOR FONTANELLE (AF). Every baby has it.

It is there to allow the small spaces (sutures) between the different bones of the skull to accommodate the baby’s brain growth. So it is not “OKA” or any other thing….It is a normal part of the baby’s head.