I need tips on How to Wean my 15 months baby?How do I wean my 15 months old baby. I need tips please
It wasn't easy at all for me. Just like my friend ones narrated her story in a forum below. I am a mother of an 18 months old baby. I weaned my daughter from the breast at 16 months old. It was very hard to do. I know you may not want to hear it but it is true. No one can tell you how to wean your baby or when, you have to listen to yourself. I hope that by sharing my experience I will have helped somewhat. I started offering my daughter solids and a sippy cup at 4 months old and she took them right away. She never took a bottle and I never pumped. I tried to wean her from the breast 4 times before I got her to completely stop breastfeeding. The first time I tried she was 7 months old and we tried formula and a bottle that was a horrible idea. The second time we tried she was 10 months old we tried to pump into a sippy cup she was fine when other people would feed her but when I tried to give her the cup she forced herself into the breastfeeding position and started screaming until I gave in. The third time we tried to wean her she was 13 months old by this time she was only nursing about 3 or 4 times a day but started to bite or pull my nipple out of her mouth too fast which hurt a lot. She spent the night by my mother's house and drank some cow's milk which she was fine. That was hard because it was cold turkey and my breasts hurt very very badly I would not recommend cold turkey to anyone. When we picked her up the first thing she wanted was to breastfeed. At this point we knew that she could be weaned she just didn't want to. So my husband suggested putting on the television to her favorite
show and sitting her on my lap with her back to my chest so she wouldn't have easy access and flavour the milk. I started by eliminating one feeding a week or so depending on how she reacted. It worked and she is happy and fine. She is not traumatized or anything. I think the other times I tried to wean her she wasn't ready and I truly wasn't ready. What it all comes down to is you have to decide if it is the right time for you and your baby to wean. And do it gradually and use the power of distraction and lots of affection. Sometimes I still miss breastfeeding my daughter but I am glad that she is weaned and we still have an incredibly strong bond. I hope my experience has helped you.