Can i still use Fansidar? I was given this Daraprin tablet during my 1st trimester and 2nd trimester at a previous hospital i registered. I moved from that area to a new place and had to register at another hospital, i was given Fansidar but i'm scared to use it. Im 32 weeks now can i still use it cos i heard Fansidar is to be used at 6months and 9 months of pregnancy.
You have to make sure it's prescribed by your caregiver. Fansidar is usually prescribed twice in one pregnant, the first dose as soon as you feel your baby's movement (btw 16-22weeks) then the second dose a month after. You can take it in your second trimester but not safe in the third trimester after 34 weeks cause of d risk of ur baby having jaundice. If u have malaria symptoms, see your care provider. They know d best drug of choice to prescribe depending on ur weeks of gestation. Besides, Fansidar is only meant for preventing malaria not for treating it. All the best!