My son of 20 weeks is now always full easily when sucking if I express to feed him more he will vomit it and I notice even during the sucking at a tim
Use gentle heat or touch. Give your baby a warm bath. Softly rub your baby's belly.
Give your baby some private time.
If nothing else seems to work, put your baby in his or her crib for five to 10 minutes.
To soothe your crying baby, you can try to:
Hold your baby.
Cuddling helps some babies. Others quiet when held closely and swaddled in a lightweight blanket. To give your arms a break, try a baby sling or other type of baby carrier. Don't worry about spoiling your baby by holding him or her too much.
He may have what we call gastroesophageal reflux...just a jargon that says food return from the stomach to the oesophagus after feed instead of staying down. For such babies, you need to keep them upright for up to 30 minutes or more after each it stays down.....You can keep them in the car seat put in upright position if you are too tired or busy to carry them that long...others can help too.....sometimes that may not work and .... if it not allowing baby to gain weight....please see your paediatricians for further management at that point
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