can stooling reduce the weight of a child?
The basic part of treatment is to avoid Dehydration, this is achieved via sips of oral rehydration therapy or chicken and beef soup but in severe cases intravenous fluids are given in the hospital. Fruit juice and frizzy drinks are avoided as they can worsen disease in children. If the child is vomiting allow small sips till well tolerated then graduate to bland diets like pap and eko without milk. Avoid sweets, coffee and milk products.
Diarrhoea is having frequent loose watery stools. It occurs when the fluid cannot be absorbed from the contents of an individuals bowel or when extra fluid is secreted into the bowel causing watery stool. Usually it could be a symptom of bowel infection called Gastroenteritis which can be caused by some harmful micro organisms that may result from food poisoning I.e drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated food.
Dr Aina Johnson


If it diarrhoea and it not attended to urgently, baby can lose weight.