Why does measles occur so often? my friend son of two years is sick of measles the third time this year and the boy completed his immunization
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Are you really sure it's measles? Did your friend take your child to the hospital for proper evaluation and management? If you're sure it's Measles, Here are possibility why this is happening The measles vaccine the baby had was not original, or it has lost its potency by a break in the cold chain.....that is why it is important you take your vaccines in reputable places especially government ...some private hospitals store in their fridge with NEPA wahala...cold chain could have been broken also. It could also be that the vaccine was given at the time the mum's own measles antibodies are still working...this will neutralize the vaccine so child was vaccinated but not immunized.....this is the challenge or dilemma we face about the optimal time to give measles vaccine....usually the vaccine wanes by 6 months but may persist in some babies as at the time the vaccine is being given at 9 months......hence while we advocate booster dose at 12 - 15 months given with mumps and rubella as MMR